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Quality, Value, and Success: Our Commitment in Every Price Tier

Choosing Zari Marketing means choosing an investment in your business’s future. We understand that every business has unique needs and budget constraints, and that’s why we’ve crafted our pricing tiers with you in mind.

Our broad range of LinkedIn Growth Marketing and Email Automation Outreach services are designed to offer maximum value at every price point. From startups looking to gain traction to established businesses aiming to accelerate their growth, we offer the best price-to-value ratio in the industry.

Explore our pricing options below and discover the pathway to your next level of B2B success.

Email Automation


($950 set-up fee)

LinkedIn Paid Ad Campaign


($3000 set-up fee)

LinkedIn Automation Outreach


($500 set up fee)

Linkedin Social Posting


($300 set up fee)

Frequently asked questions

What outcomes can I expect from Automation Outreach?
Based on our experience with thousands of campaigns, clients typically see between 20-50 fresh conversations with ideal customers for every 500 prospects engaged. These figures are averages and can vary based on your specific needs.
What types of outreach messages do we send?
We usually send: 1) Connection requests, personalized (this depends on your preference) and 2) Follow-up messages sent once a connection request is accepted. Note that follow-up messages are exclusive to new 1st-degree connections initiated by Zari Marketing.
What role does a dedicated account manager play?
Upon onboarding, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to you. Their tasks involve kick-starting your campaign, arranging one-on-one strategy sessions, and providing guidance throughout the lead generation process. They’ll address all your queries related to LinkedIn prospecting or sales, and offer strategic advice based on our past successful campaigns!
How much LinkedIn ad spend is needed to see results?
To yield results with LinkedIn ads, we recommend a minimum ad spend of $1,000/month. Anything over this threshold will depend on your target buyer personas and your marketing budget.
How long does it take to see results with LinkedIn ADS?
Like any successful B2B sales strategy, LinkedIn paid ads require time. Typically, clients see tangible results within a 3-month period.
Is there a minimum contract period for LinkedIn ads?
No, there isn’t a minimum contract. However, to see notable results from a paid B2B acquisition strategy, we advise clients to commit for at least 3 months.
What do we do as LinkedIn ads strategists?
As LinkedIn ads strategists, we look over your ads account to find optimization opportunities. We’re responsible for implementing bidding strategies, testing new creatives, and providing strategic advice to maximize your ad budget.
How often do we carry out A/B testing?
Typically, we conduct 2-3 tests per month, covering copy, offers, targeting, and creatives. These tests are guided by performance, conversion goals, and budget, not merely for the sake of change. We base our decisions on data to ensure accuracy.

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